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12 Tips to Create More Energy for a Perfect Day

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Wouldn’t you do anything to be in a great mood all day,
to have the perfect day, every day?

Discover how a half hour in the morning can accomplish and guarantee just that!

If you want more;

  • energy
  • juice
  • drive
  • that special edge

Something that would guarantee you have the most perfect day which is;

  • fun,
  • fulfilling,
  • meaningful

On a consistent basis, day in day out, where your colleagues will start to notice and ask what is different about your life,
then you have stumbled upon a magic formula that  you can easily follow to get those exact results day after day.

I’m not saying life will stop throwing curve balls at you but, I promise you will swing like a pro and it will only help you grow.
If you follow this list meticulously, in its original order and […]
consistently, your days will always feel like spring and there won’t be enough of them.


1. Look in the mirror and smile

Laughter is contagious and it’s hard to be in a bad mood or depressed with a huge smile plastered across your face. So yes, I mean it literally and you can brush your teeth first but right then and there look up in the mirror and freeze frame for 10 seconds. Just stare in the mirror with the silliest, biggest, happiest smile you can possibly produce. Not a grin, nor grinding your teeth but a real authentic dimples and teeth showing smile.

2. Pick your morning music theme

There is a reason that movie scores account for billions of dollars in our industry. They not only drive emotion, they can anchor and manipulate emotion as well. Having been in the music industry for almost three decades and being privileged to have recorded 14 albums along with performing worldwide I have “some” experience and knowledge in this field and believe me… Music is powerful.

Remember these blockbusters;

• Rocky
• Top-gun
• Somewhere in time
• Love-story
• Saturday Night Fever
• Midnight Express
• An Affair to Remember
• The Godfather
• The Sound of Music, just to name a few 😉

Can you think of any of these movies without hearing the theme in your head? It not only transports you to that place and time (the anchor I mentioned earlier) but will instantly evoke those exact same emotions you felt when you heard it for the first time. Those could have been any emotions like love, gratitude, rage, power, fear, confidence, pride, humorous, inspired, energetic, or sympathy, just to trigger some thought.

Use it to empower you. Pick a theme that inspires you, that makes you feel unstoppable and play it at a level higher than your normal comfort zone. You can even dance around in front of the mirror or make all those faces and gestures that would prepare you for getting into that peak state you need to be in to feel like you can conquer the world. Listen to it once through. “You are the champion, my friend”.

3. Acknowledge the special people in your life

Think of two people that make you smile constantly, because they always make you feel how incredible it is to be…You.
Stop, and take a moment. They may be in your life now or perhaps someone from years ago. It could even be a singer, actor or author. Someone that when you think of them they make you smile. Not just the “Colgate” smile, I mean an inner glow. They make you feel special or unique. They give you the confidence, inspiration and sense for you to realize how amazing you truly are.

4. The ten minute morning exercise

OK, now we’re going to add some energy and branding to the flow of things.

Pick one ten minute morning exercise that will get your blood pumping. It doesn’t really matter what exercise you choose we’re not competing with Schwarzenegger, it’s the blood and sweat we’re after. You can do push-ups, sit ups, walking, running, rowing, use a jump rope, stair master or trampoline. Whatever makes you feel alive. Then, wear it out for 10 minutes. Get your heart pumping and your sweat dripping, and concentrate on #’s 5 & 6;

5. Five minutes of gratitude for what you have in your life

Take this time while you’re exercising and you’re energy level is up and think of all the beautiful wonderful things that are in your life and blessings you have. If you find yourself having a hard time for some reason with this, perhaps because of the state you are now in, try and think about all those little things you have that may be regular and mundane to you but, there are those less fortunate that would give anything to have even that. Like sight, a regular meal, someone that knows they exist. Now start thinking about all the extraordinary things you have in your life, feel it now, feel it throughout the day. You are fortunate and have so much to feel alive for.

6. Five minutes of being grateful for the special people in your life

You may have someone special in your life right now that makes you feel incredible, a partner, spouse, significant other, perhaps a child or the people you work with or maybe someone from the past that you’re out of touch with. Find that someone and think about what they mean to you and how life has more meaning because they’re in it. Appreciate what you do have and the people in your life it will alter your entire day.

7. Coffee time, look up and name 3-5 things great about…You

Yup, you read that correctly. Now is not the time to be modest. Besides, no one is sitting there reading your mind. Pour yourself your morning coffee, tea, or glass of orange juice, relax, breathe easy and look up. If you’re near a window look out and up toward the sky and tell yourself 3-5 things that are great about you. Something about your personality, your character, your accomplishments, something nice you did for someone, why you’re so special. Oh, I am sure you’ll think of at least three. And…
Let it sink in, own it, say to yourself, “you know what, that’s really me”!

8. Today’s deposit list to your “give” account (try for 2 but at least1)

Make a new deposit into your “Give” account, your bank account for deeds. Something that you can add there to accumulate the great things you do for another. Make that account fat, it’s one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. The only investment you can take with you and leave your legacy with at the same time. It doesn’t need to be something big with your name on a plaque. Sometimes a small gesture can change another person’s world.
Think of something you can do today to add to that deposit book.

9. Decide on one thing today you will do that’s out of the ordinary, playful, silly

Do something nuts, feel alive. Step out of your regular daily routine even for a moment. Be youthful, do something fun. Try something new, make someone giggle. Heck, make yourself laugh. Live life and enjoy, appreciate and cherish every moment.

10. One thing you will do special for someone today

Come up with one thing before you leave the house, anything that you can do for someone today that will make them feel like their life is significant and they are noticed by others. This stuff is catchy, you never know what comes around, but do it unconditionally. A smile alone can uplift someone and give a life purpose.
Go out there and consciously search, it will make your day complete and meaningful.

11. One thing you will do special for yourself today

Yes, there are those that are selfless and constantly giving or so busy being caught up in life they forget to live. Today, do something for you because if you don’t nourish you, you can’t nourish others. Take an extra minute on your lunch break, stare out the window of your favorite coffee shop, read something inspirational, get yourself a new car, ok, perhaps just a nicer pen to use at work. But, do something nice for you today and enjoy it, you deserve it.

12. The one minute phone call on the way to work

Every morning, on the way to wherever you go in the morning, make a call. Not Tweet, nor Facebook or Im, but let them here your voice. That warm human interaction. Call someone. Anyone, your mother, sister, assistant that always has your coffee ready when you walk through the door with your favorite croissant from the bakery next to the dry cleaners on the left side of the street (just the way you like it) and say something nice. I appreciate you. I want to thank you. I miss hearing your voice. We should get together this week. I don’t remember the last time I told you how grateful I am you are in my life. Anything nice that will start their day off the way yours just did.

Together, let’s make the world we live in a better place.

Product Label Warning and possible side effects:

Do these 12 steps sparingly. Over use may lead to a life of fulfillment, compassion, joy and meaning, possibly even overall Ultimate Lifestyle Success.

My 100% guarantee;

I’ll make a deal with you. If this doesn’t work for you after doing everything on the list every day for a week,
you never have to read another article from me again forget you ever laid eyes on this site but…

When it does, promise me you will print this out and hang it up where you will see it every morning.
Promise me a comment telling me how it made your day or someone else’s better.

I personally read through all the comments and look forward to reading about any thoughts or questions you may have about this article or subjects you would like me to include in future articles.

And promise me…

Because you know I always ask,

Do something special…

Think of someone that can benefit from this article and…
Pay it forward
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I want to thank you for spending this time with me here today and, I hope you use the tips in this article to continue your journey in living the fulfilling life you deserve and achieving Ultimate Lifestyle success!

I look forward to talking to again you in the next Post!

“Your Ultimate Lifestyle success,
a step towards a world of change”

Joseph Rose,
Sharing a perfect day

Joseph Rose is the founder of  Ultimate Lifestyle Success, has written for more
than eight years and earned his living from performances and coaching for over
two decades. You can follow Joseph on Twitter, Facebook and see him in action
at LifestyleSecrets.TV.


I personally read through all the comments and look forward to reading about any thoughts or questions you may have about this review or subjects you would like me to include in future reviews.







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