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The 8 Keys To A Happy Balanced Life

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In this article discover;

Why we spend more time on certain areas of productivity in our life, yet leaving other areas to be neglected.
How we can be so busy yet unfulfilled at the same time.
What are the key factors to having balance in our life.

What is the secret to having a well balanced life?

Can it be;

• Luck
• Faith
• Circumstance
• Events
• Surrounding

Or maybe;

• Will
• Persistence
• Drive
• Fear
• Inspiration

While any of these may be a strong contributing factor or coax the end result, the true secret to having a well balanced life i.e. “a life of fulfillment”, “meaning” and “happiness” is just that. Aligning your life’s key elements and, every life consists of those same elements or areas that need balancing.

Take relationships for example, which is one of those elements we will be addressing. Would you agree, walking into the […]

office after having a huge fight with your spouse, lover, significant other, may strongly impact your mood, train of thought and possibly the way you treat others? Or if leaving the house after having the most amazing connection may just alter your day in a different direction?
I think it would be safe to answer a big  Y E S to both.

You see, all the elements that we need to experience, culminating in not only who we are on a daily basis but who we shall become, are determined by the balance between them.

Let me explain, the two key factors being “elements we need to experience” and “balance between them” are inevitable. Every life is made up of those key elements and they need to be in sync for a well balanced life.
To demonstrate I will insert a visual for you, but before I do that imagine for me if you will, a horse and buggy ride.

You’re sitting up there in the carriage being pulled by four tall white horses. Now (that’s right, you’re king for a day ;-)) as the carriage is riding on four perfectly round wheels with eight spokes each, you are enjoying a fairly smooth ride. However, what if one of the wheels were even slightly smaller than the other three or, what if one of the wheels were square? I’m thinking, somewhat of a rocky road to say the least.

Consider these elements I was speaking of as the spokes in life’s wheel:

• Health/Fitness and Vitality
• Personal growth/Spirituality/Contribution
• Friends and Networks
• Family and Relationships
• Career/Business
• Finances/Prosperity
• Adventure/Fun and Excitement
• Hobbies/Personal space/ Achievements

We all have areas in our life that receive more attention than others. For instance you maybe an extremely successful entrepreneur but are you paying the price with your relationship?

• Are you strategic at building your career
• Are you planning  your finances
• Do you set aside time for friends and family
• Are you nurturing your relationship
• Do you have adventure or excitement in your life
• Do you take care of your body
• Is there a fitness plan to boost your energy level
• Are you growing
• Do you make room for spirituality and contribution
• Are there some great hobbies you are pursuing
• Do you travel
• Are you doing what you love and love what you’re doing
• Do you set aside time to celebrate your accomplishments

All these areas in our life need attention, time and balance with each other. We, as human beings tend to focus much more on those areas that give us most pleasure and sense of accomplishment or power and less on the areas we justify as not being as important, at least for right now. They get tossed to the “next week” list or worse, the “one day” list. You either go for the “immediate gratification” elements on the list or the ones that are higher priority (in your mind) for some reason that makes sense to you alone.

However, you can never be truly happy or fulfilled if your wheel looks like this,
It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

So for today I would like to pick one of these elements to start with and then leave you with some exercises you can do to sort of nudge you in the direction of strengthening one of the spokes in your wheel of life that may be lacking the attention it deserves.

I’m going to start with “Health and Energy” because it’s kind of impossible to excel in any other area without it.

You need your body to be healthy and function properly because it affects both your physical capabilities and your mental strength and awareness.

In order to achieve a goal or outcome, it’s not enough to be vague with a new mindset such as “I need to work out”.

You need to be very specific with all the details in how you will accomplish this outcome.


But before you do that,
answer these questions to any desired outcome you would like to achieve and you will surely succeed.

1. What is the desired outcome I would like to achieve?

Be specific,
I would like to lose 24 pounds by April 14th.
I need to lose weight.

2. What is the reason you want to or need to lose 24 pounds by April 14th?

Be specific;
• I get out of breath
• I have no energy
• My blood level is up
• I need to get into a wedding dress or suit
• I want to feel better about myself etc…
I’m overweight.

3.What are the list of action steps you can take to accomplish this?

Be specific;
• I will get a coach
• I will be in the gym every morning at 7:30
• I will hire a nutritionist
• I will set aside a shelf in the fridge for the new foods I will eat
• I will start taking required vitamins
• I will listen to the theme from Rocky on the treadmill
• I will buy a piece of clothing in the new size I’m going to be etc…
I will exercise.

You may want to make yourself a list of things that go into the category of Health and Energy like I need to;

• Sleep regularly
• Stop smoking
• Eat healthier
• Drink more water
• Less alcohol
• Run or walk
• Workout
• Do yoga
• Meditate
• Set aside time to relax etc…

We can all relate to one or all of the things listed above but hopefully I was able to name a few or just get the list started to evoke thought in achieving your desired result.

If you happen to be one of the special few that are a maven in the area of “Health and Energy“, by using the examples set above, choose any one of the other areas that may need more attention and follow the same steps.

For the rest of us, that pretty much abuse the heck out of our body, take health for granted and think we’ll be young forever, this is probably a great starting place.

The results you can expect…

• Feeling energetic
• Great body
• More strength
• Stronger bones
• Feeling great about yourself
• Dignity
• Self respect
• Confidence
• More alert
• More patient
• Clear mind
• Be there for others
• Live longer
• Laugh more… Just to name a few 🙂

I would hope some of the above mentioned may be a great incentive for you to start your path to a healthier more fulfilled and energetic life.

Let’s take our first jog…

Time to pull out the binder we created in
How to achieve Ultimate Lifestyle Success starting now -Introduction“,
print this article, fill out these exercises and place in your binder.

1. Draw your wheel, (following the example in the diagram above) rate each section on a “0-10” scale, “0” being no attention given and “10” being all your attention given and feeling totally fulfilled in that area, by drawing a line across that section in the wheel and adding your number. Then see what the picture of your wheel of life looks like, thereby giving you clear indication to the areas needing more of your attention.

2. Jot down in order from highest to lowest the rating you gave this list, naming the category and score you gave it.

3. Next to each category write down at least one reason why you think you are not at a level 10.

4. Then below that reason, write 2 specific steps you can start doing this week to move you toward a level 10.

5. Below that, write 1 thing you can do right now, this instant, to move you in that direction. A phone call, an appointment… And write down a time you will follow up.

6. Look at the list above to stimulate thought and make your own list of things you would want, or have been avoiding that you will now tackle.

Now I have a question for you…

In the comments below, please tell me which category and or sub-category you would like me to expand upon when we post part 2 in the “Wheel Of Life“.
And… tell me why you chose that category.

Also, please share with me which category you scored lowest in. Was it always that way, or is it just a recent development? And, why you think it is that way.

That’s it for today,
I know I threw a lot at you but do these few exercises and I promise you results you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

I am proud to take this journey with you and look forward to you sharing all the great results you’ve gotten and the lasting positive impact it’s made on your life.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we will start going through each category in depth and give you some tools you can use to take you to that level10 one-by-one.

I personally read through all the comments and look forward to reading about any thoughts you may like to share about today’s article, or subjects you would like me to include in future articles.

And you know I always ask,

Do something special…

Pay it forward, please share this article with a couple of friends, you never know who it may impact at just the right time.

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I want to thank you for spending this time with me here today and, I hope you use the tips in this article to continue your journey in living the fulfilling life you deserve and achieving Ultimate Lifestyle success!

I look forward to talking to again you in the next Post!

Joseph Rose,
Riding the Ferris Wheel

Joseph Rose is the founder of  Ultimate Lifestyle Success, has written for more
than eight years and earned his living from performances and coaching for over
two decades. You can follow Joseph on Twitter, Facebook and see him in action
at LifestyleSecrets.TV.

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