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ULS 003 | Even Eagles Need A Push

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Learning To Soar In A Challenging World

In this article of Ultimate Lifestyle Success we discover…
How a little push can be your greatest gift to Living the Ultimate Lifestyle you deserve!

And it’s important to know…

What is it about nature, about life, that even a mighty soaring eagle may need a push?

Do leaders need motivation?

Do pioneers need guidance?

Do gurus need inspiration?

Here’s the download link for the recording –

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Download The MP3 [ 11:24 Minutes – 10.5 MB ] (Just click to play on your iPad)

Podcast Transcript

I’d like to give this Article the title…

Even Eagles Need A Push
-Learning To Soar In A Challenging World

Even eagles need a push…

These words will always have a special place in my heart and a fond memory of that
day it changed my life forever.
I want to tell you a story of how one decision can alter, […]

impact and create a new outcome for your entire life.

I found myself surrounded by palm trees, the fresh tropical Hawaiian breeze was enough to put anyone in an absolute trance. As I made my way through the most captivating scenery I’ve ever laid eyes upon, I tried to stay focused on my destination at hand, the actual reason that brought me to this mesmerizing paradise.

It was a conference. A conference that was held in the most beautifully designed room I had ever seen. Until this day I am baffled as to how I was able to concentrate on any spoken word with the distraction of an entire wall of glass overlooking the island.

With my place-card in hand I searched through a sea of people to find my seat and get settled in. I had never been to an organized meeting of this magnitude and as I nervously scanned the enormous room with over 2000 people consisting of every race, creed and color, my fleeting thoughts came to a halt as I heard this hushing noise amplified throughout the room over the speakers.

As the room began to fill with silence, this man with a most accomplished demeanor walked across the stage with utmost confidence and a sharp look of purpose in his eyes, approached the microphone stand and with a warm and welcoming smile reached for the microphone and looked up at us.

As we anticipated what would be no less than the speech of a president to break the silence, he suddenly lifted this book, leaned in to the microphone and said, “If you’ll allow me, I would like to read something for you today.”

But first…

Before I continue with the story

Let me tell you how I got there, being that it’s an integral part of what I would very much like for you to leave with today and apply in your life.

One night, about eleven o’clock or so the phone rings. I pick up the receiver and hear, “Joseph, you’ve got to come over right now”! There was this excitement in the mans voice like he had just won the lottery! Of course, I needed to know immediately before I went over what this was all about, so he said I’ll give you a hint, I am holding in my hand a product made up of herbs that will enable you on 3 hours sleep to jump out of bed like there was a fire cracker underneath and you will have amazing energy all day!

He continued, it’s healthy, it’ll give you energy (he knew how to play on my heart strings because I was in the midst of recording an album and was awake through most nights) and you can make a ton of money!

My first thought was, ok what is he trying to sell me? But he wouldn’t let up and he made me laugh, so I went over.

He didn’t even say hello when I walked through his front door, he just held up this bottle and said, “take this home and take a tablespoon of these natural herbs twice a day, if you don’t notice an incredible change I’ll never bother you again”.

Now, throw on top of a skeptic someone that was averaging 2-3 hours a night sleep, this… I had to see.

You guessed it, it not only worked… I then joined that company and added it to my already overloaded 28 hour a day schedule.

I soon discovered many other benefits and amazing effects it had on the people I was introducing this to and…. If I sold one hundred cases with 12 bottles per case (that’s a lot of bottles) within the next 2 weeks, I would get an all expense first class trip paid for by the company to Hawaii, where I would get to meet the founders of this wondrous product and learn more about the impact it’s had on peoples lives since it was invented.

Let’s stop for a moment, and go through some…


Lessons learned so far;

•  Not always when something seems too good to be true, is that the case… Investigate.

•  There are people that follow their dream, and succeed. (This product was invented by a European simple man with little means, just to help a friend).

•  When you’re passionate about something, you’re un-stoppable.

•  If the dream is big enough, you will follow through.

•  Give, and you shall receive.

•  See it as real in front of you, and you will come to realize it.

•  Make the prize exciting enough, and you will reach your goal.

•  Know your outcome, how to get there will naturally follow.

•  Live with purpose, it will change a life.

•  Remember, there is always a greater reason and a higher purpose

•  And… Nothing is by chance


He licked his thumb, turned the page,

and began to read…


Even eagles need a push…

The eagle gently coaxed her offspring toward the edge of the nest.

Her heart quivered with conflicting emotions as she felt their resistance to her persistent nudging.

“Why does the thrill of soaring have to begin with the fear of falling?” she thought.

This ageless question was still unanswered for her.

As in the tradition of the species, her nest was located high on the

Shelf of a sheer rock face.

Below there was nothing but air to support the wings of each child.

“Is it possible that this time it will not work?” she thought.

Despite her fears, the eagle knew it was time.

Her parental mission was all but complete.

There remained one final task-the push.

The eagle drew courage from an innate wisdom.

Until her children discovered their wings, there was no purpose for their lives.

Until they learned how to soar, they would fail to understand the privilege it was

to have been born an eagle.

The push was the greatest gift she had to offer.

It was her supreme act of love.

And so one by one she pushed them, and they flew!



Even eagles, not just meaning that leaders need a push too now and then, or a coach to stay on track…. but a reminder that those little ones before they even knew they were eagles, needed that slight push to send them off and for them to realize… All that is possible.

For us to understand and feel capable so with a little coaxing we can be who we were intended to be and flourish, grow and be shown there is a lot more inside us than we ever thought possible.

Because it is mostly innate and just needs to be brought out… A little nudge.

Hopefully, that’s what I will achieve throughout this article and website… Having the opportunity to teach, inspire, nudge, coach and bring out the best in every single individual leading to the ultimate outcome of you being able to do the same for yourself and others.

We all have the means to soar, we just need to tap into it, find our True Gift and realize we are special and have something unique to contribute.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you and hope you get to benefit from putting this to use in your life empowering you with new possibilities where you can grow and contribute to others.


NOW …Let’s take some steps towards flight

At the bottom of the article where you can ad your comment please;

•  Share a dream you have, that may need an eagles push or,

•  A passion you have yet to pursue

I personally read through all the comments and look forward to reading about any thoughts you may like to share about today’s article, or subjects you would like me to include in future articles.

And you know I always ask,

Do something special…

Pay it forward, please share this article with a couple of friends, you never know who it may impact at just the right time.

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And finally… If you’re just tuning in for the first time today…

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I want to thank you for spending this time with me here today and, I hope you use the tips in this article to continue your journey in living the fulfilling life you deserve and achieving Ultimate Lifestyle success!

I look forward to talking to you again you in the next Post!

Joseph Rose,
Proud to soar amongst eagles like you

Here’s the download link for the recording –

Mp3 Download

Download The MP3 [ 11:24 Minutes – 10.5 MB ] (Just click to play on your iPad)

Joseph Rose is the founder of  Ultimate Lifestyle Success, has written for more
than eight years and earned his living from performances and coaching for over
two decades. You can follow Joseph on Twitter, Facebook and see him in action
at LifestyleSecrets.TV.

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