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Category Archives: Celebrate Success

ULS 005 | End Summer Depression Test

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Notice That Glow, For This End Summer!

Does it feel like Summer went by too fast?
How do you get the relaxed summer energy to last?
What are some summer hobbies that can last into the Fall season?

This article is dedicated to those special Summer nights.
The fun, the laughter, the warmth, the joy and the
feeling of you wanting it to last forever.

We will discover…
What is it that makes Summer so special after all?
Why do we begin to feel sad as it comes to an end?
Ways to make it last throughout all seasons!

Here’s the download link for the recording –

Mp3 Download

Download The MP3 [ 17:13 Minutes – 15.9 MB ] (Just click to play on your iPad)

Podcast Transcript

Labor day is here!

It’s funny how this particular day can evoke a different emotion for everyone and way to spend it. For instance for some;

  • A beach party in the Hampton’s
  • Family barbecue overlooking the ocean
  • One last trip up north for some fresh country air

All trying to savor that very last summer feeling as we […]

12 Tips to Create More Energy for a Perfect Day

Wouldn’t you do anything to be in a great mood all day,
to have the perfect day, every day?

Discover how a half hour in the morning can accomplish and guarantee just that!

If you want more;

  • energy
  • juice
  • drive
  • that special edge

Something that would guarantee you have the most perfect day which is;

  • fun,
  • fulfilling,
  • meaningful

On a consistent basis, day in day out, where your colleagues will start to notice and ask what is different about your life,
then you have stumbled upon a magic formula that  you can easily follow to get those exact results day after day.

I’m not saying life will stop throwing curve balls at you but, I promise you will swing like a pro and it will only help you grow.
If you follow this list meticulously, in its original order and […]

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