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Great Resources For A Successful Blog

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Find all the tools you need for successful blogging

Running a successful blog takes some initial planning, Knowledge, setup, technical skill and lots and lots of passion for the subject you are blogging about. And…Let’s not forget, time.

However, it doesn’t have to be so cumbersome and difficult. There are so many resources out there that make it not just easier but, fun and exciting. You only get one shot at making a first good impression, so […]

It’s important to do it right in order to get visitors to your blog, grab their attention so they stay and engage your audience so they enjoy your content and keep coming back for more.

Much can and will be written and taught about this however, being that it is beyond the scope of this post, I promise to continue throughout future posts with tips and tricks for successful blogging that will be real time savers for you with instant results.

Today, I would like to start the long awaited resource section for you to have access to some of the great resources I have come across that contribute not only to the success of my blog but, many of the successful content providers out there in all areas of interest.

Here is a short list I will start with and over time and throughout future posts add to this list and choose one to expand upon in more depth and perhaps even do a review on.

To set up and maintain a successful blog you will need these resources I am listing below and will add more with time including why you need them and what purpose it serves. So, for now let’s start with a few of the basics that I either use and love (over many that I have paid for and tried) or ones I am familiar with.

In proper order you will need;

A theme for your blog

This is so very important for many reasons which I will come back to in another post but for now the short version is, you need a theme that is search engine friendly so people can find you. You need it to be great “eye candy” so it’s enticing and inviting. And most important, you need it to be easy to work with so you don’t need to hire someone every time you need to make a change technically or in appearance.

My recommendation with flying colors (and I will definitely do a review on this for you in the near future) is, “Headway themes”

I have tried many, used many and this drag and drop easy-to-use “seo” friendly theme is an absolute winner! You can check it out right here at “Headway themes“.

Next, you will need “Hosting ” for your blog.

Here is the ever so popular web hosting service that almost everyone I know is using and or recommending. They offer a large array of hosting plans from $4.95 a month for unlimited blogs, to having your blog hosted on a private or dedicated server. You can find out more and get your web hosting here at “Get Web Hosting“.

Quick but valuable tip:
Never buy your domain name and web hosting from the same service provider.
More about this tip and why to come 🙂 .

To grow your Email list and engage your audience, you will need a way to capture those names and stay in contact with them.

Turn one-time Website Visitors into ENGAGED Subscribers – Click here

This resource is an integral part to successfully communicating with and expanding your readership by leaps and bounds. There are a few services out there that get the job done and then there are those that excel at it. Out of the few I have used throughout time I have come to enjoy and rely on one that is dependable, user friendly and offers great customer support. You can take them for a test drive Right Here.

Note: You can definitely count on an in depth review for this one.

Then… There is the Tech stuff.

I am going to save you a lot of time here. I recently wrote a review on someone that can get the job done like no other and, I now consider a friend.

Unless you are an HTML, CSS, or PHP wizard you will come to love this guy. He is fast, reliable, pleasant to work with and offers many affordable bundles from getting started to regular maintenance.
You will thank me for this, see Joel,”The blogtechguy”.

To learn more about the crucial elements pertaining to a successful “Blog setup“,
why you absolutely need him and what he can do for your blog, read this quick “review“.

You will also notice the “eye candy” we mentioned earlier i.e. the nice graphics and designs that go into some of the more appealing blogs you’ve seen, from design color, headers and footers, to Ebook covers.

I have quite a few resources I can recommend that I have used for different projects on, my Twitter page, Facebook page
and YouTube channel.

For help on your blog design or Twitter page to a simple header,
you can contact me here.

Hopefully these quick tips and resources will add value to your blog and save you precious time and money that some have needlessly spent attempting to do it on their own through trial and error.

More “Resources” to come, so check back with us soon or subscribe for updates.

I personally read through all the comments and look forward to reading about any thoughts you may like to share about today’s article, or subjects you would like me to include in future articles.

And you know I always ask,

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I want to thank you for spending this time with me here today and, I hope you use the tips in this article to continue your journey in living the fulfilling life you deserve and achieving Ultimate Lifestyle success!

I look forward to talking to again you in the next Post!

Joseph Rose,
Your Source for
“Lifestyle Knowledge and Planning”

Joseph Rose is the founder of  Ultimate Lifestyle Success, has written for more
than eight years and earned his living from performances and coaching for over
two decades. You can follow Joseph on Twitter, Facebook and see him in action
at LifestyleSecrets.TV.

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